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Social SoulsticeTM

Social Soulstice is a San Antonio-based Happening bringing together the visual, musical, and performance arts. The experience provides a platform of expression for local artists and a safe and creative space to explore the ranges of human diversity through Art Critique.


"The goal is to form bonds, network, and build community. Individuals can be misled by perception. We are destroyed over arbitrary differences that are planted in our minds through social conditioning. Art bridges that gap. Art forces one to exercise critical thinking and in this way, helps us to see that we are all ultimately striving for harmony."


Social Soulstice enables Progrés Studios to offer the LaTisha Rosemond-Williams Confidence Grant to young artists. Progrés Studios collaborates with local organizations to produce similar events and happenings throughout the year. To learn more about the LRWC Grant please Click Here. 

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