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Rosemond-Williams Confidence Grant 

The LaTisha Rosemond-Williams Confidence Grant was developed in honor of Shoemaker High School’s  current Principal, LaTisha Rosemond-Williams.

Mrs. Williams grew up an “Army Brat.” and was fortunate to travel to and live in many countries during her youth. She eventually graduated from Killeen High School and attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.


After graduation, Mrs. Williams began teaching German, AVID and coaching basketball, eventually earning Head Girls’ Basketball Coach at her high school alma mater. During her 12 years as head coach, the Lady Roo basketball program went to the playoffs 12 times, won 5 district championships, and in her final season went to the regional tournament and posted a 33-5 record.  She says that the best part of her teaching/coaching career has been the opportunity to “mentor students.” It is during these years Teaching Artist, Aminah Decé, benefited from Mrs. Williams’ mentorship.

“I didn’t intend on trying out for the basketball team when I got to high school. I had a traumatic experience with the sport before then and quite frankly I wasn’t any good. I remember the day I told Coach I wasn’t going to play. I think she knew then that I lacked confidence in myself. She encouraged me to “just try” and I did. Throughout the next 4 years I experienced domestic abuse, bullying, sports injuries and much more. As I was navigating a world of darkness, low self esteem and depression, Coach was a blazing fire, a warm and bright light motivating me to embrace and conquer my fears. She is passionate and that passion helped keep me alive, it gave me the confidence I needed to not quit on myself.


This amazing woman, whether she knows it or not, is one of the reasons I’m well today. She’s one of the reasons I am confident, have peace in my life and have success in my endeavors. I have to reciprocate that energy. There are so many young people who are talented beyond measure, experiencing similar hardships that I had, who’s creativity is stifled by life circumstances. Having someone recognize your potential and cheer you on makes a difference. Confidence makes a difference! This grant is my thank you to Coach Williams. Thank you for being a lighthouse in the midst of raging storms. The LRWC Grant is dedicated to recognizing and cultivating the creative and entrepreneurial talents of young artists. I’m humbled and honored to continue this legacy of building confidence!”

            - Aminah Decé


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